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BA in Relationship

Dear Blog,

I am terribly sorry that I have ignored you for a few months. This atrocity is absolutely inexcusable, and I cannot apologise enough. However, I do hope you could find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me, as I have been planning my graduation ceremony of a BA in Relationship that I jointly read and practised with my other half, Jason.

We read this Bachelor of Arts together for over 7 years, which commenced in January 2007. It has been a full-time course with core modules such as

  1. Basics of a Relationship (you know, the introductory course that most couples take – Relationship 101),
  2. The Fine Art of Living Together (Relationship 211),
  3. The Fine Art of Love, Respect & Understanding (Relationship 230),
  4. Art & Science of a Strong Relationship I, II & III (Communication 110, 201 & 301)
  5. Adopting Cat I, II & III (a 3-part course of Introduction to Parenting – Parenting 101a, b & c)
  6. How to Handle Families (His & Hers – Families 111 & 112),
  7. Sharing the Joys & Weathering the Storms (Conflict Management 241),
  8. Weathering Mega Storms (Conflict Management 312),
  9. Couple’s Finance I & II (Finance 228 & 311) and
  10. Couple’s Time Management (His, Hers & Ours – Time Management 102, 202, 302).

In addition to that, we have opted for workshops on issues pertaining to our particular relationship, character traits and conditions. For instance, there were

  1. How to live with Asperger’s Syndrome
  2. How to live with and combat (severe) Depression, Stress & Anxiety
  3. Learn when to Duck and Take Cover during PMS (highly recommended!)
  4. How to live with Hormonal Imbalances (His & Hers)
  5. Supporting your partner through different Ailments, Illnesses and Conditions

Truth be told, in the 7 years, while we passed certain subjects with flying colours, we had to retake certain classes that we didn’t do too well. After we reviewed our results together, we have decided to plan our graduation ceremony. It is going to be a 3-part celebration:

  1. Civil Ceremony in UK (end of July 2014)
  2. Beach Ceremony at Koh Samui (beginning of August 2014)
  3. Post-Graduation Dinner Party at Hong Kong (TBC)

I have to admit, just planning, organising and arranging bits and pieces for the two ceremonies are quite hectic, and I wished we have taken a longer preparatory course on that too! But due to the short space of time, we have to work with what we have got, essentially getting extra credit for ‘How to Get Creative with Limited Resources’ (Finance 328 & Time Management 333).

All in all, we are truly excited about the two ceremonies and can’t wait to graduate. With Jason’s permission, I will share some (appropriate) pictures of the ceremonies with you at a later date. Meanwhile, I think it’s best to return to more planning and reviewing the check list.

Wishing you a very lovely Thursday, and if I don’t get to speak with you before the weekend, have a lovely and relaxing one!

Cynth xox

p.s. It is still early days, but we have been discussing (for quite some time) whether or not to embark on our MA in Relationship, and if so, when we should do it, perhaps you would like to give us some advice on this further education? Anyway, I shall expand on that another time.


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