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Knitting = yoga

Knitting is a form of yoga that I practice passionately. It slows the mind down, focuses the attention on each and every stitch, requires the appropriate hand-eye co-ordination, and above all, works best when silence is observed. I do appreciate the social side of a knitting group, where we get together and appreciate each other’s completed work, and perhaps, exchange new techniques and skills we have learnt, but I do enjoy practising this beautiful form of traditional art in solitude.

To knit, one needs a good pair of needles, scrumptious yarn and a well-written and/or well-charted pattern; this is where the fun begins. There are such a wide variety of beautiful things to choose from, and like most knitters, I may end up spending hours upon hours searching for ‘the right one’ before settling down with a project. Yes, it does somehow resemble the search for the perfect partner. The perfect ones can be quite elusive at times, but it is all worth it.

When I find the perfect match of yarn and pattern, it makes knitting both serene and exciting at the same time. Knitting becomes serene when the yarn and pattern work in harmony. I always find knitting exciting for I usually cannot wait to see how the end product looks like. The pleasure and satisfaction of completing a project are also tremendous. This is especially so when the project is to be gifted to a loved one. After all, nothing is more rewarding than to see your loved one smiles as he or she receives the gift you tenderly and lovingly made by hand.


Some say knitting causes RSI (repetitive stress injury), neck aches and all other pains. This might be true. Like all sports and activities, when it is done in a correct manner, peppered with sufficient breaks, it reduces injury, aches and pains to a minimum. It, however, requires both discipline and mindfulness. When my mind tells me to knit another row while my body is screaming for a rest, I need to exercise a certain amount of discipline to put the needles down, rest and stretch. I have to be mindful and listen to my body for any signs of discomfort when I knit. This helps me become more in tune with my body. With the busy life that I lead, knitting has helped weave my sanity back together stitch by stitch.


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