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Spring is here!!

I can gladly confirm that spring is here! As I woke up today, I was greeted by this glorious sunshine, clear blue sky, and a warm gentle breeze. My wonderful other half J enjoys a good bike ride when the weather is good, so he replaced the inner tubes for my bike (unfortunately, I got a puncture in the back tyre yesterday), made sure everything work well before we headed out.

We grabbed a couple of sandwiches on the way, sat down on a park bench, and soaked up some much needed sun. The park was meticulously maintained. Under a cloudless blue sky, the trees were growing strong; green green grass was neatly cut; bright yellow daffodils were in bloom – together, they painted a harmonious picture that spring has arrived.



A boy rode his bicycle up and down the path, while his family lied leisurely on the grass. A young couple was chatting merrily on another bench. Three young men brought snacks and beer, parked themselves by the river to enjoy a nice cold beer. As we were finishing our lunch and ready to push off, I couldn’t help but felt thankful that we made time to have a little picnic in the park to welcome a gentle season of the year.


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